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Smart Email-Capable
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Smart AI assistants that can read, write, and take action on emails.

For customer support, personalized email marketing & cold emails,
lead qualification, surveys, policy compliance... and much more.

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Limited Only By Your Imagination...

AI Assistants At Your Service

With Qex AI, AI steps out into the real world. Set up your AI assistants capable of receiving emails, handling them intelligently according to your instructions, and responding, when and as needed.

Give instructions to your AI Assistants in plain English! No technical expertise or coding necessary. Instruct them just as you would a human employee in the same role!

Some uses for Qex AI assistants:

  • tier 1 customer support
  • send personalized email marketing campaigns
  • send cold emails tailored to target customers
  • review outgoing emails for policy compliance
  • request feedback and reviews from customers
  • and infinitely more!

You can set up as many assistants as you need. Assign each of them their own mailbox, give them their instructions on their role, and you're good to go. They'll check their mailbox every few minutes and take it from there.

Explore Example Instructions

Example Instructions

...feel free to copy and paste these when setting your Qex AI Assistants up!

Example Instructions #1

Customer Support

You are a helpful customer support assistant working for Example Corporation. You will receive incoming emails and answer them to the best of your abilities based on the FAQ information below. You will forward all questions you are unable to answer to info@example.com. Sign all your emails as Example Customer Support. >>>FAQ INFORMATION GOES HERE<<<

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Example Instructions #2

Lead Qualification

You are a helpful customer support assistant working for Example SaaS Company. You will receive incoming emails from the "Contact Sales" form on our site. Respond to the email and ask them any further questions necessary based on their form submission to determine if they are a customer we can help. If so, invite them to a demo with us by sending them our Calendly link and copy our sales team. Sign all your emails as Example SaaS Company.

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Example Instructions #3

Send Cold Emails

You are an SDR responsible for cold emailing target customers. You will be provided their business name, website, and a contact at those businesses. Visit their website to learn more about their business and then send the contact provided a tailored email explaining why our product would be a great match to their needs. Use your knowledge of our business and theirs. If they respond with any questions you can answer, do so. Pass them on to our sales team (sales@AcmeAnvils.com) when they show interest in signing up.

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Example Instructions #4

Compliance Enforcement

You are an assistant tasked with reviewing incoming emails to see if they comply with company policies as outlined below. Company employees are required to copy you on all email communications. If they comply, no response is required. If there is a violation, email the sender pointing out the violation and asking them to retract the original email. Sign all emails as "Compliance Team". Policies: 1. Professional Speech And Manner. 2. No gift offers. 3. No mention of guaranteed investment results. 4. No comparisons to competing businesses. 5. No mention of cryptocurrencies.

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Example Instructions #5

Review Requests

You will be receiving a copy of order confirmations for all orders placed on our online store. You will follow up one week later with the customer to whom the order confirmation was sent, asking them how their experience with the products they ordered went. Personalize your email to each customer as much as possible based on the information in their order confirmation. If they were happy, ask them to leave us a review on our Facebook page. If they had any issues, please apologize and tell them we will look into them, copying our email support at info@example.com. Sign all your emails as Example Company Team.

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Example Instructions #6

Debt Collection

You are a debt collection assistant working for accounts receivable at Traffikoo LLC, a web development company located in Dallas, TX. You will occasionally receive emails from Traffikoo personnel instructing you to collect various debts from customers who are still overdue on their invoices after several reminders. Please contact the customers in question to collect these debts, forcefully but politely. Make sure to copy accountsreceivable@traffikoo.com on all communications.

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Example Instructions #7

IT Support Desk

You are the company's IT Support Desk, handling all incoming emails from Example Company personnel requesting IT Support. Most of these will be requests to review an email they received for your opinion on whether that email consitutes spam, phishing, or has other such problems. Some other requests will be general computer support questions you can answer. Respond to all these directly. Escalate any other requests you do not have the information to answer to it@example.com. Sign all your emails as Example IT Support.

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See Possible Cost Savings - Compare To Human Assistants!

Human Assistant:

Workload - Answering and handling 10 to 100 customer support emails daily

Fully Loaded Cost - approx. $3,000 - $6,000/month, fixed

Between 7.5x to 60x as expensive as Qex AI!
Qex AI Assistants:

Workload - Answering and handling 10 to 100 customer support emails daily

Total Cost - $79/month + approx $0.10/email exchange = approx. $100 to $400/month

Note: Most Qex AI cost scales with workload and is not a fixed sunk cost, unlike human employees

Between 7.5x to 60x cheaper than a human assistant!

Qex AI Features

Really Smart Assistants

Qex AI assistants use the smartest AI models currently available (a variant of GPT-4 from OpenAI). They are trained on a huge body of human knowledge, capable of following sophisticated instructions carefully and dealing with complex requests and situations. And they know how to use email!

Email Handling

Like a real human employee, you set up each AI assistant with their own mailbox and assign them plain English instructions to tell them what do with emails they receive. See above for examples. Qex AI brings you AI that is fully empowered to handle work by email, just like real human personnel.

Email Lock Lists

With Qex AI you can restrict your assistants to only processing emails received from specific senders. Just enter their email addresses in the assistant's "lock list" and the assistant will make sure to only respond to those senders. No worries about other senders wasting your resources and usage credit.

Copy Multiple Parties

Qex AI Assistants have the ability to copy multiple parties on replies as necessary to comply with your instructions. In some cases, you may want to simply monitor all messages they send out, or perhaps there are multiple parties necessary for a specific email conversation.

Delayed Responses

In some cases, you may not want your AI assistant(s) to reply immediately. For example, in the review requests example above, you want your assistant to follow up with customers after a week from receiving their email. Our assistants have the capability to do exactly that, scheduling responses as appropriate.

No Responses

In many cases, no response is required or appropriate. For example, in an email compliance monitoring role like the example above, you may not want your AI assistant to do anything if forwarded a message which complies with all policies. Our assistants have the capability to do exactly that (nothing!).

Long Contexts

Qex AI Assistants benefit from long token contexts (1 token equates to ~4 characters of English text) - enough in practice for most real-life situations. Complex instructions can easily be fed into the assistants, and they can act on long requests.

PDF Attachments

We know PDF attachments are a big part of your email life. Qex AI Assistants can download and read email PDF attachments, and incorporate the information in those attachments in their replies - up to the entire limits of their context windows.

Web Browsing

Qex AI assistants can browse websites or do web searches if necessary to perform their instructions. For example they might need information from a certain webpage or google search before sending a reply out. No worries - they're up to it!

Unlimited Assistants + Emails

Set up as many assistants as you need - each capable of handling unlimited emails. You just pay for your usage as you go. You could have a whole organization of assistants working for you at all times, each with different assigned roles doing different things. Just like a human organization!

Start Free, Cancel Anytime

With Qex AI you can get started for free with $25 usage credit! No credit card needed to sign up. You can subscribe to our monthly plan to unlock usage credit topups, paying for usage only and the small monthly fee. Cancel with a click anytime - no contracts, no commitments, ever.

Never Any Billing Surprises

After you sign up for a Qex AI monthly plan, just prepay for usage charges by depositing funds in your Qex AI usage credit. Emails will be processed until your usage credit is used up. When it's running low, we'll send you a reminder to top up. Never any surprise usage bills.

Data Privacy

You own your data at all times. Qex AI does not keep any copies of your incoming and outgoing emails. Emails are retreived from your server, processed, and responded to as needed. Incoming emails are deleted as soon as they are processed. Any responses are deleted after being sent out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?
With Qex AI, you get a free trial with $25 of usage credit applied to your account as soon as you sign up. No payment card needed to sign up! When your usage credit is running low we'll email you asking to sign up for a monthly plan. Signing up for a monthly plan unlocks your ability to top up your usage credit as needed, with any amount of your choice ($25+). Also, you get a $50 usage credit every time your monthly plan is charged!
Is a payment (credit/debit) card needed to sign up?
No! No payment card is needed to sign up or doing the free trial - but be sure to enter a valid payment card before the usage credit runs out. With a valid payment card on file you can then sign up for Qex AI's monthly plan, which unlocks the ability to top up usage credit as needed.
How does the usage credit work?
You get a $25 usage credit free when you sign up for Qex AI. Once you sign up a for a Qex AI monthly plan, you can top up this usage credit with amounts of your choosing. Qex AI Assistants are inexpensive and affordable, using up the credit at a rate of around just 5 US cents ($0.05 USD) per 1,000 characters of email text they handle. For an average email message this works out to be just a few cents. When your usage credit is running low, we'll email you reminding you to top it up. Also, you get a $50 usage credit every time your monthly plan is charged!
Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
Yes, you can easily cancel at any time with no contract, obligation, or questions asked. It takes just a few seconds from your Qex AI account. Just go to the "Manage Billing" section in your Referrals.Page account and click the button to cancel your subscription plan there.
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
If you cancel your Qex AI monthly plan subscription, your account will remain open and your prepaid usage credit will remain valid in your account. Your AI Assistants will continue working until that usage credit is exhausted. If you wish to top up that usage credit to continue using Qex AI, you will need to resubscribe. A valid subscription is required to top up your Qex AI usage credit.

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